Volledige versie bekijken : palm leaf reading

28 december 2010, 12:28
Jaren geleden liet een toenmalige kennis van me tijden haar verblijf in India haar leven 'lezen' door middel van 'palm leaf' reading.

Ook UG werd meerdere malen zijn leven gelezen. Hieronder is een verbluffend staaltje palm leaf reading te lezen.

While we are in the area of astrology and palmistry, a look at the nadi reading of U.G. done in 1988 may be of interest. Nadi, as a type of astrology, is practiced in different parts of India. In one form (kaumara nadi) the astrologer carries volumes of palm leaf manuscripts which he inherited from his ancestors, which were presumably written hundreds of years ago in somewhat archaic dialects and which contain astrological charts and readings on all the people who would visit the astrologer in future (including their names, backgrounds, their past and their future destiny).

This particular nadi consisted of two bundles of palm leaves, one of large and long leaves that looked ancient and the other of smaller leaves that appeared to be some sort of index to the text in the larger volume. On the leaves are astrological messages written in archaic Telugu and Tamil. The nadi astrologer's job is to locate the appropriate leaf in the manuscript for the person in question and interpret the contents to him or her.

Mr. Nagaraj, the nadi reader, began the proceedings by lighting an incense stick and passing it around the books with great veneration. He then held out one end of a string, the other end of which is attached to the bundle of palm leaves, and offered it to U.G. He asked U.G. to part the stack of leaves at random with his end of the string by passing it through the stack. The astrologer opened that leaf where U.G.'s string divided the stack and began reading what was written on it. These ancient scribblings, set down so long ago by some unknown astrologers and mystics, astounded all those present. The accuracy and insight with which those ancient ones were able to describe the man in question were, to say the least, mind-boggling.

The nadi astrologer himself had no knowledge of U.G. whatsoever. He was visibly perplexed when the nadi started singing the praises of this man:

What is there to say about this recluse who lives totally unattached like a droplet on a lotus leaf? This man lives like Bharata in the epic Ramayana, completely disinterested in the midst of all the royal comforts and pleasures. The combination of the planets Mercury and Saturn enabled him to understand the essence of life. He is well-read and experienced. Mr. Nagaraj stopped reading for a moment, looking doubtfully at U.G., wondering if he perhaps hadn't turned the wrong leaf. U.G. reassured him quickly that the reading was indeed accurate. So, the nadi reading resumed.

'This man will rise to prominence in his ravidasa (the phase of the Sun) like the rising Sun. Having been displaced from his native place, he never stays in any one place long. He does not go through initiation of any kind, he is born with it. His teaching is not like the teachings of hermits and jungle-dwellers. The light of his teaching keeps spreading everywhere. But he thoroughly disappoints those who come to him hoping to get somewhere. This person should be addressed as "atma" and not as "man" (implying that individuality is absent in him).'

Then, as if the ancient mystics needed a break at this point, they wrote: 'We shall continue with the reading after a break of a ghatika (24 minutes).' Mr. Nagaraj closed the book. He and his colleagues were evidently eager to know more about U.G. U.G. obliged them by explaining for the next fifteen or twenty minutes how events in his life clearly reflected this and other astrological readings. He said, I cannot make a definitive statement as to whether there is anything to the predictive part of astrology, but if anyone wants to do an intensive case study, my chart would provide a good example.

The events that I have mentioned paralleled exactly the predictions of the astrologers. Take it or leave it. Meanwhile, those who were present at the reading were all anxious to know what else the nadi had to say regarding U. G. We implored the reader, Mr. Nagaraj to go on with the reading. He consented. But, to the utter amazement of everyone present, when he opened the book a blank leaf greeted him, as if the ancient seers had anticipated our undue haste! 'The blank leaf means that my future is blank,' quipped U.G., chuckling. Then the book was closed and after a half a minute was opened once again with the string. Writing did appear on this leaf. It said:

You still have a minute and a half to complete the 24 minute break we have in the previous reading. This reading is of no use to such a man. Nevertheless, we shall continue just for the fun of doing it. You need not pay respects to us but would do better to offer your namaskarams (salutations) to the one sitting opposite you and proceed with the reading. The nadi went on: For eleven years from now, he will be haunted by the Spirit of Good Luck wherever he goes. It will not leave him... This man, whether he is eating, drinking, walking, sleeping, or doing anything, he always remains in sahaja samadhi (the 'Natural State of Union', i.e., the state of liberation)... During the final phase of chandradasa (the phase of the moon) his very look would suffice to initiate a person spiritually... For such a man what use is this reading? With that rhetorical question, the nadi ended its reading. K. Chandrasekhar, who was present at the time of the reading, recorded the above account.